This blog is maintained by the Postgraduate Development Officer at the University of Birmingham.  Inspiration for the posts comes from a wide variety of resources on postgraduate researcher development, direct experience and conversations with current researchers.  However, wherever possible, posts contributed by others with expertise or experience of different areas of development are included.

If you’re interested in writing about an area of PGR development for this blog, you can contact Georgina Hardy for more information or just send her your completed draft.  Please approach your post in any way you feel you’d like to – a broad overview of a topic, or something more specific about one aspect or example.  If you have a photo or other picture to illustrate the article, that would be great.

Your post should ideally (although these are more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules):

  • be up to 500 words
  • have a central theme/message of relevance to a broad range of PGRs at the University of Birmingham
  • include
    • a call to action for PGRs to engage in their development
    • links to further information/resources
    • questions to encourage discussion in the comments section

All posts are mapped to the Researcher Development Framework, but don’t worry about doing that yourself – that will happen when it’s posted.