The Pure Research Information System is now available to all PhD researchers…

In this blog post Sam King from the Planning Office talks about the benefits of using Pure (Publication and Research)…

What is Pure and why should we use it?

Pure is a Research Information Management System and is the institutional Research Repository used by the University of Birmingham. Whilst the majority of records added to Pure are publications, Pure can also be used to record information about your research activities and can even be used to publish datasets.

If you want to plan for your academic career, Pure is an excellent tool to start collecting together your research activities in one place.

Adding information to Pure is quick and easy and the information can be easily downloaded in a variety of formats. This means the information held in Pure can be used for a wide range of purposes, from creating a simple publications list to presenting all of your academic activity for a review and much more. Similarly, should you ever choose to move institution you can easily download your information from Pure and take it with you.

Pure also has some very useful tools such as the CV builder which can quickly create a customisable CV. Using the information brought together in Pure from many different university systems, new information and changes will update automatically and the final CV is easy to download in either a Word or PDF format.

If you are an RCUK funded student you may know that you are required to report back on the outcomes of your research via a website called Researchfish.

Whilst Researchfish will only be made available to you from year three onwards, Pure is available to you from the very first day of your studies. By recording your research activity in Pure, when you come to report on your outputs in Researchfish you will have the information presented in a structured and orderly fashion, ready to be added.

Additionally, when you create your ORCID (as some publishers now require) it’s possible to create and integrate this with Pure. This means that you can allow Pure to update your ORCID account with publication information, saving you time and reducing the need to enter information in many different systems, further reducing duplication and saving you a great deal of time.

Many readers may also be aware of the new Research Portal being launched, any publications uploaded to Pure will be made available on the Portal. This means your research publications will be open to a much wider audience, potentially enhancing your research profile and reputation.

Whilst as a postgraduate researcher there is no obligation for you to use Pure, the potential benefits to you; your career and your research are far greater than the tiny amount of time required to keep it up-to-date. Give yourself a head start in preparing for your future career now and think what you could achieve with the time saved later.

To access the Pure Research Information System please go to and log in with your normal University username and password.

For guidance with Pure please see or contact us by email:

We also operate a monthly Pure and Open Access drop-in clinic where it is possible to work in a supported environment with experts on hand to solve any problems and answer any questions you may have.

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